About The One Stop Pub Shop - Wrea Green

About The One Stop Pub Shop - Wrea Green

Like a lot of online businesses these days, this has its origins on the kitchen table and eBay.

Using eBay as a platform to sell some spare equipment I quickly realised that the pub business in the UK was changing and people were moving away from the large traditional pubs to small craft houses and home bars .

Similarly, more and more small breweries were popping up, more people were brewing their own beer and on the rental side, people were coming up with new and ever more inventive and quirky ideas for mobile bars (draft lager served from a butchers bike springs to mind).

Over time we managed to find more and more used beer equipment and also sourced new and factory refurbished parts at competetitive prices ...

Now when someone approaches us with a project we can offer a wide range of options and prices for equipment PLUS innovative installation solutions from the experience of 20 years of installing draft beer systems abroad in a hot climate with no cellar cooling and limited space.

In the 5 years since the kitchen table we've sent out hundreds of home bar set ups, scores of commercial set ups for mobile bars and craft house and even sent a 12 line full 2 cooler pub system to a hotel in the Alps.

We've gone from kitchen table to garage... To garage and shed ...garage and 2 sheds... lock up and shed ...2 lock ups  and finally to a 3600 meter Warehouse /Workshop

As our network of sources has grown, we've added vintage pub breweriana, point of sale advertising, pub furniture and general pub stuff to our onsite shop and online store .

So The One Stop Pub ShopIS what it says on the tin ..offering everything for your pub/bar project under one roof ..