Booth Brandles Digital Python Shelf Cooler

Booth Brandles Digital Python Shelf Cooler

This is an MF REFRIGERATION digital python shelf cooler Or "Frosty Cooler"

They were designed to pump ice cold water round a loop of up to 5meters or so to freeze and condensate beer fonts but we've used them for lots of different cooling projects ..COLD  CRASHING in BREWING ..CHEESE MAKING ..KEEPING COMPUTER HARDWARE COOL AND CHILLING TANKS FOR SHELLFISH 

The python coolers digital clock and thermostat provides greater temperature control at sub zero temperatures .. You'll need Glycol if you go lower than -2 degrees 

Cooler Dimensions

Width = 36.5cm

Height = 27.5cm

Depth = 36cm

Plus 4cm for the depth of the heat sink on the back of the coolers casing.

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