GUINNESS EXTRA COLD complete draft beer system

GUINNESS EXTRA COLD complete draft beer system

This is a complete set up for GUINNESS comprising if a Guinness Harp font which does have a couple of signs of wear and tear and a top Booth BRANDLES single line sub zero shelf cooler plus a new mixed gas regulator, refurb A type keg coupler and of course all the necessary pipework and connectors including an in line flow restrictor so you get that special GUINNESS slow pour

The digital control unit on the cooler allows you to set it to your ideal temperature and the cooler is neat and compact at approx 40cms x40cms x 30 CMS

It comes with all the connectors in place and colour coded pipework so it's easy to put together.

You'll be welcome to call prior to purchase if you have any questions or when putting it together if you need help 

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