Complete MADRI lager extra cold home bar set up

Complete MADRI lager extra cold home bar set up

This is a fully tested and working  plug in and play single line beer system branded for Madri but can easily be changed for any other beer

Its built around a MF 2 line cooler with the beer looped through twice to make it extra cold

The barrels are gassed through a bottle mounted ,pre set mixed gas primary  regulator with secoundry and contents gauge (all pre set for the perfect pint with no waste)through the gas in let valve on the G type or Grundy Keg Coupler which pushes the beer through the cooler and up to the tap on the unbranded brushed chrome  font 

It comes with all the neccessary pipework and connectors and the pipework will be colour coded to make it easy to out together 

We'll use the cooler's cold water re-circ  to run a python line between the cooler and tap to keep it SUPERCHILLED and fit an in line flow restrictor so you can control  the speed the beer pours 

Also comes with 24 volt transformer to light it up 

You'll be welcome  to call for after sales support should you need it

Thanks for looking 

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