DIY Home Or Man Cave Bar Set Ups

DIY Home Or Man Cave Bar Set Ups

So the first thing you need to realise when considering a DIY draft beer set up for your home or man cave bar is that it really isn't rocket science.

All you have to do is get the beer out of the barrel and pass it through a cooler and up to the tap.

Beer And Gas...

You'll need to source the barrel of your choice plus a bottle of mixed gas.

There will be a few independent beer wholesalers in your area as well as some cash and carries who'll be happy to sell you beer and gas.

For lagers and ciders such as Strongbow and Fosters you'll need mixed gas 60-40 and for bitters and stouts (John Smiths and Guinness) you will need 70-30.

You can find information about what you will need if your just starting out setting up your home bar here on the Getting Started page.

Once you know what you need to set up your own home bar and your ready to get started installing your bar, you can find information here on the Home Bar installation page.