Home Bar Installation

Home Bar Installation

As you know by now this really isn't rocket science..

All you have to do is get the gas out of your bottle into the barrel which pushes the beer (when the tap is open) out of the barrel ..through the cooler and out of the tap..


Fix your wall mounted twin gauged mixed gas regulator to the wall near to your barrel(s).

Connect the lead to the bottle and gas line from the regulator to your keg coupler using the Gas Inlet Valve.

Set the gas pressure by turning the screw on the regulator clockwise.. About 30 psi should be enough..

There's no set rule for pressure because of the variables such as ambient temperature and dispense levels..

The main thing is to make sure there's no air in the beer line from the barrel to the cooler.

To check bend the beer line and if you can see bubbles in the line add a bit more gas.

Its the release of the bubbles in the line that causes your beer to FOB.

Lots of people make the mistake if turning the gas down when the beers fobbing.. This just makes it worse.

If your using 2 products you can use an (in line 1-2 line splitter). Or to feed 2 or more barrels its better to use a (wall mounted T switch ) for each barrel..

These will let you switch off the gas to any barrels not in use.

Beer Cooler

Ideally your beer cooler needs to be as close as possible to your dispense font.

A cold water recirc python can be used if the cooler has to be a bit further away..

With shelf coolers about 2 meters is the max you have before putting pressure on the coolers (water pump) and ice bank.

So the best scenario is a shelf behind your bar directly under the dispense fonts..

The coolers are generally 35cms and you'll need to leave a good 30cms for the clamp and drip tray on your bar.

With the cooler this close you can come straight out of the cooler and connect to the beer line in your font.

Or use a short cold water re-circ python.

Fill your cooler from covered hole on the top until the water comes put of the overflow at the front.

Dispense Font

Use the clamp or through the bar locking nut to secure your dispense font to the bar as close as possible to the cooler.

To light the font connect the 2 wires in the white cable to your bar lighting transformer.

It doesn't matter which wire goes in the red or black on your transformer.

Connecting Everything Together...

Take the beer from the barrel via the beer outlet valve and connect to the cooler using a (John Guest 3/8 elbow).

You'll also need these to connect to the beer outlets and these or (John Guest 3/8 straights) for the cold water re-circ.

You can take the beer into the cooler from either side and it will come out of the corresponding outlet on the other side, for example the innermost on one side comes out the innermost on the other side. Middle to middle and so on.

To connect to the beer line in your font use an (in line flow restrictor) or if you already have a flow restrictor built in just use the appropriate connector (John Guest 3/8 straight), (John Guest 3/8 - 5/16 straight) or (John Guest 3/8 - 3/16 straight).

If your fonts close enough to the cooler and has thin bore beer line and you're not using the coolers re-circ you will still need to loop it in and out with some lagged 3/8 or you'll get soaked.

Once you're satisfied all the pipework and connectors are in place you can connect to your barrel.