Factory Refurbished Vision V21 Twin Pump Remote Cooler

Factory Refurbished Vision V21 Twin Pump Remote Cooler

This is a factory refurbished Vision V21 remote cooler.

This cooler is air cooled and has two 3 stage water re-circulation pumps, which can be hard wired so they can be independently controlled.

The cooler has a digital clock and thermostat which allows you to set the temperature of the water in the tank to sub zero temperatures.

The cooler is ideal for cold crashing in the brewing process, but we've also sold them for use in the dairy industry and for keeping fish tanks cold.

The cooler comes with a full 1 year warranty.

Please note there is sometimes a 2week lead time with these ..Feel free to contact us first to check

Due to the size and weight of the remote and mini remote coolers we ship them on a quarter pallet.The £65 Is an average price we will get a quote prior to  purchase or shipping for you..We can ship 2 on a pallet for the price of one 

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