FIVE STAR 2line TWIN CHROME complete beer system

FIVE STAR 2line TWIN CHROME complete beer system

This is one of the best home bar systems we have .

It is built around 2022 4 Booth Brandles 4 line sub zero shelf cooler and an unused 2 way chrome T bar .The cooler runs on the new ultra efficient ,eco friendly R290 refrigerant gas and as it's so new us also very quite .

It also comes with a new wall mounted twin gauged mixed gas regulator and 2 refurbished keg couplers plus all the necessary pipework and connectors including in line flow restrictors so you can control the speed your beer pours .

We'll set the cooler at minus 2 so it forms and maintains the perfect ice bank and loop both beers through twice so they are extra cold and keep it cold between cooler and tap in a cold water re-circ python.

We'll put all the connectors in place and colour code the pipework so it's easy for you to put together 

You'll be welcome to call for advise

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